About Us

After receiving a Finders Key Purse from her Aunty Norine, who was visiting Australia from Washington State, USA, Cheryl Cruff was enchanted with the gift.

It was so wonderful not to have to go digging for her keys in the bottom of her handbag each time she needed them.  After some enquiry she created this business “Finders Keypers” and became the Australian Distributor of “The Original Finders Key Purse®” by Alexx Inc.

Alexx Inc. is a small, woman owned business in the City of Los Angeles.

Owner, President and Inventor, Sandy Stein is the maker of the patented Finders Key Purse® key chain.

This unique and patented design decorates the outside of your handbag, while securing your keys safely inside.  No more fishing down to the bottom of your bag! “Never lose your keys again!”